Sunday, September 29, 2013

We are In..............................

It was great day on 18th September 2013. That was when i got my keys to new home. Such a great building experience.Site Supervisor was so great and finished my job even 1 and half months before the deadline with quality of work . I am more than happy with the service i got from my builder.

Here are some pics for you guys to checkout.But my glass splash back is different to what i selected . Builder mistakenly did that. But it came out better than what we were selected. Kitchen is standing out really good with that maroon colour of splash back. i did solid timber floor separately. its Australian Spotted Gum..I am just loving it.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Council Approval

My Builder launch my applications on 19th Feb and by  8th March we received approval. It was great to see pegs on my site. it's ready to Rock n Roll .....

Colour Selection

We already finished all the selections which need to to be done. 

Which including,
        Bricks         : PGH
        Roof            : Bristile
        Electrical    : Clipsal
        Flooring     : Dilorenzo  []
        Kitchen       : Timpelle kitchens []
        Landscape  : Wisdom Homes

We had to visit most of these out side contractors to finalise most of above items. But it was fun and had involved lots of research.  

Things To Remember 

   1:  Do your research as much as you can .This will help you to finish these selection with minimal efforts.So builder will not have time to hanging there and keep extending your building process.
           Visit Model Houses
           Go to see some of your suppliers and bring some samples . 
   2: Remember all the changes you have done . Sometime  things get out of sync when multiple people involving in this process. Eg. You need to inform your electrical guy that you have changed the way door open. Sometimes your builder will not informe suppliers about changes you made . Once all the selections finishes builder get updates from each of these outside suppliers . 

Here are some of my selections ........

1: Roof   : Bristile Prestige Range  Tungsten

2: Bricks :  PGH Gravel

3: Gutter : Monument

4: Barge  : Monument

5: Fascia,Surfmist

6: Eaves : Surfmist

7: Down Pipes: Surfmist

8: Garage Door : Surfmist

9: Gable infil : Surfmist

10: Windows : Anodic OFF WITE

11: Driveway : Main Body  Large Tile on 45' angle with brick header  [ Colour : Gunmetal , Border : Brick Header] 

 12: Deleted WIP and WIR shelving. In Bunnings they selling DIY type shelving which i would be able to install all these shelving for a fraction of price. 


       TOP : Snow(Caesarstone)     
       Doors : Avignon Walnut (Laminex)


       CAESARSTONE TOP : Snow   

       UNDER BENCH CUPBOARDs: Laminex Oyster Linea Silk Finish 
       OVER HEAD CUPBOARDs    : Laminex Pumice Silk Finish   
       GLASS SPLASH BACK         : Antique White 


    Bristol White Canvas (In Taubmans Brand)

Bath Room Tile

ENS Tiles

Carpet 50/50 Wool

Kitchen [Oyster Lenea, Pumice]


Tile For Porch

Kitchen and wall colours will be exactly same as in this picture . Only change will be Glass splash back with Antique White.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Things picking up

We signed contract with WH on just the day before xmess holidays was about to start.had nice break and almost missed track about everything.I am now going through colour selection process and will post some pics in future.WH is actualy prety fast of organising things.they already book me for landscape ,tiles,electricle far iam happy with the process .Also they are very helpfull as well

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We just accepted drawings on last week. Hopefully contract will be ready to sign very soon. There were some errors in the drawings. Like..  

1: Few doors designed to open in wrong way 

2 : Re-Located AC unit to the side of house .So that i can completely utilize my back yard for the out door entertainment area  

3: Re-Located Gas Hot Water system near to the ENS to ensure quick water supply for the bathrooms and kitchen.